"The Remedy"

Published on 24 January 2023 at 18:52

The Remedy is off of the album called Money $hot. This song is about how detached we are from the real issues in our society. Instead, we worry about how many likes we get on our Instagram posts instead of worrying about what it takes to survive. To have food and water, to keep a roof over our heads. Some of my favorite lyrics are, "Haters, isolators. No one misses these. Bitches receive stitches. Trolls receive 86s. Yes, we're being condescending. Yes, that means we're talking down to you. With all that racket that your lips a-flapping. We assumed you didn't notice." This shows that we are too caught up in other things to notice what's happening. I recommend looking at the linked video below. This song is incredibly catchy and well-written.

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